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We've got the most incredible Soul Medicine Coaches who love what they do and love using the tools they've been equipped with to help you align to your natural Soul's essence, your purpose and juicy love!!!

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PURIFY YOUR ENERGY with this powerful  Meditation!

Drop in with this meditation for 10 minutes and activate the magic of you.  Together we will call back your energy from all the places that it has gone.  Get ready to start manifesting a lot faster.

This valuable meditation is straight out of our online program Soul Medicine Journey. Sit back and receive the potent medicine from this Cutting Cords Meditation.

She healed something she was born with...

"If you can see who I was before and after, I am completely unrecognizable and it was Heal Your Life Now that was the catalyst for all these changes..."



Get started on your healing journey today. If you're ready to dive deep and heal once & for all, we will hold you through the transformational journey and equip you with the powerful tool Body-Mind Mapping that will help you and your loved ones again & again.

Canceled Surgery after just ONE Session!

After just one session, Taylor was able to cancel his nose surgery, heal his knee pain and do Tree Pose in yoga class for the first time and more!! Listen to the power of Body-Mind Mapping


Nikki Jade's TEDx talk

Learn more about Body-Mind Mapping and how Nikki Jade's mentor created a map of which beliefs, emotions and anxieties live in which parts of the body so you can heal yourself and loved ones!

LOVE YOUR LIFE (even more)  with this wisdom filled Meditation!


Sit back and receive this wisdom on how to love your life even deeper.  This divine channeled message will leave you inspired, knowing how perfect everything truly is. 

Soul Medicine Retreats are PURE Healing MAGIC inside Sisterhood, fun and adventure!!

If you're feeling the call to attend the next Soul Medicine Retreat, what are you waiting for?! 

"I am attending my 6th Soul Medicine Retreat, because every time I have a huge breakthrough, so much fun and make lifelong friendships."

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Happy People

"This work was so powerful and so deep... like nothing I have ever experienced before" - - - "I am forever changed for the better!"

It's your time to embody your inner Goddess and Queen of Love! 


We believe breakthroughs can happen fast... and they do in our sisterhood community. 

Life is precious and we'd love to help you start loving every moment of your life.  Learn more ways about how you can work with us and transform your life fast.  




We'd love to help you get to where you want to be sooner than later.

"Working with Nikki Jade saved my life. I felt connected to Spirit for the first time ever and now I actually wake up excited about life again! She will take you deep and help you heal things that you've been subconsciously holding onto. "

Empowerment Coach

"I've had so many breakthroughs. I now feel more connected to my truth, my gifts and my joy. If you're thinking about doing SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY, do it! "

Singer & Songwriter

"Wow! I've had so many breakthroughs and feel myself stepping into a new part of myself. I would do SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY again and again because Nikki Jade will keep going deeper with you to help you discover more about yourself. "


Come meet the most magical, loving and Soulful sisters on the planet!

Join us inside the private Facebook group SOUL MEDICINE SISTERHOOD for deeper conversations and connections with like-minded & like-hearted women on the journey of doing the inner work.  

You never know who your neighbor might be! Sisters are gathering together all over the world.  It is so beautiful to witness women creating a new story around loving, supportive sisterhood. 


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