This cutting-edge system will help you heal yourself fast so you can finally be free of pain and live in love. 

We've had clients go through the program and lose weight, rid acne, heal back pain, get off meds, cancel surgery and so much more! 

Body-Mind Mapping is a super accurate tool to help you understand the trauma you are still carrying around in your body that is crying out for healing. 

Your pain has a message for you, and when you get the clear message the pain goes away. We help you make this process fast, clear and powerful. 

Use it on yourself, your loved ones and clients to get fast results of health, vibrancy and a zest for life again.





"When Mind, Body and Spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result." Deepak Chopra


Get your hands on this super accurate mapping system to guide you straight to the root cause of your physical & emotional pain.   Your body is holding the keys to your next big breakthrough. 

Body-Mind Mapping is a coaching tool that will guide you through from specific pain to being pain-free (and empowered)

You will learn how to use this tool on yourself and others to get rid of pain (literally poof!) by understanding what your body and Soul are wanting you to see & release. 


It's time to make sense of why you've been experiencing pain in your body and help your loved ones understand their body's pain so it can FINALLY GO AWAY!

Over the last 15 years I've tried everything to heal myself of constant pain and disease naturally using ayurvedic herbs, yoga, Reiki, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage and everything under the sun... and as much as I love all these healing modalities, they are incomplete and had me coming back week after week for treatment. 

Then I finally found the secret that helped me heal Celiac Disease and constant body pain... Body-Mind Mapping, the tool to treat the root cause by making ALL the connections needed for lasting transformational healing. 

We are so excited for you to start getting faster results for yourself and your clients so you can fully enjoy this life pain-free.   


Many clients come to us not believing they can truly heal what the doctors said is incurable. But if you can have an ounce of Belief, then we know we can help you. Imagine living life without pain. Finally, you are free of it! You will learn how to clearly receive the message from your body pain so you can live in alignment with your Soul's truest expression & purpose and experience a deep connection to divine Spirit.



"Body-Mind Mapping helped me get to the root of my severe skin issues and start to heal the pain. I've tried everything else to heal and am amazed at the power of the Body & Mind Connection."

Jenna Hawes
Transformation Coach

"Body-Mind Mapping has given me a new language on how to see and deal with pain. And how to get rid of it faster! I am so grateful for this new relationship I have with pain and the knowledge on how to successfully navigate the pain so I am guaranteed a breakthrough. If you love personal growth, BMM is one of the fastest tools that you can use daily to get on your path to true alignment."

Rachel Venezia-Craig
Artist, Designer


Each week we will have a specific teaching lesson so you can understand how to heal your life and guide others through healing. You will also be supported in a private facebook group.

We will learn the key points to gaining the insight that the pain has for you.  Without this first step, it is impossible to hear the messages of the pain.

We will dive deep into understanding how the Body-Mind connection actually works.  Having this wisdom will help you have a new respect for the body, the mind and all the magic that happens between them. Nothing will be a mystery anymore.

We will do a deep dive into understanding how pain actually works and the secret ways it communicates with us. No longer will the pain control your day, but from now on you will have a relationship with the pain.

We will list out all of the Core Limiting Beliefs and help you identify which one has been subconsciously shaping your world.  

Understand how to instantly know the challenges that someone faces without them saying a word.  This week we will look at the key aspects of profiling a person within moments of seeing them.  From the feet, shoulders to facial lines... you will confidently be able to instantly know what someone believes. 

Get ready for the GOLD of the Body-Mind Map.  We will list out the root causes for each body part, condition or disease.  We call this the body bible, something you want to have in your pocket (or on your iphone) at all times.  

Now we get to learn how to navigate where you're currently at when in pain and how to relieve the pain and understand the message.  It is all about the questioning process.  This week is pure gold for you to embody the breakthrough. 

Get ready for your big breakthrough. This is where is all comes together and you get to have your 'pack your bag moment'.  

Understand how to live pain-free and in alignment on a regular basis.  We will guide you through the secrets to make sure the pain doesn't have to come back for a long time, if ever.  Get empowered by learning how to live this new lifestyle of a true badass Goddess.  We will also dive into the aspects of your Soul and how to connect with the truest version of you. And learn how to always lead from an aligned embodied space. 



We are so excited to be pioneering a new conversation that will help people heal themselves of pain without surgery or drugs. 

Consciousness on the planet is rising fast and if you have a feeling that the pain in your body has a deeper message for you, we are beyond thrilled to let you know you are correct!

Whether you have back pain, neck pain, knee pain or previously have had surgeries... there is deep insight available for you to gain so you can have a new experience of life. 

Get ready to break repeating patterns and consciously create the life you would love, because it is all connected. 

After the pain is understood and relieved, you can live in alignment of flow, ease and Divine's magical guidance. 

Let's guide you back home to true vibrant health, embodied freedom and deep awareness. 

Together we will be guiding you through how to use the system with LIVE guided classes, and all the class recordings and extra content will be inside of a membership site for you to access at your leisure. 

You will also get a private FB Group for continued support.  


Frequently Asked Questions

HEAL YOUR LIFE NOW is a 9-module online program that will introduce you to the Science of Body-Mind Mapping, how to apply it to yourself, clients and your loved ones.  Each week inside the members area, you will find access to guided teaching classes and live call recordings.  

You can get started today.  After you sign up, you will get an email with your personal log in details to access the first lesson.  

You will also have access to all future LIVE support containers. 

The next LIVE container starts July 7th.  


We will have (4) live zoom calls together, each Wednesday of July at 9 am pst.

You will also be included in all future live containers. 

All of the classes inside the members area are pre-recorded. 

We include a private Facebook group where we answer your questions and coach you through in real time.  


If you need a payment plan, please send Nikki Jade a message on facebook or instagram or you can email us.

All transactions are final.  If you show up and do the work, we know you will get transformational results.  We believe in you and your healing.


Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.


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