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3 Things to Do to Increase Your Abundance

Nov 26, 2019

Do you ever feel so stuck in life that you forget to dream big?

Maybe you have secret dreams that you haven't ever said out loud because deep down you're afraid they will never come true... you're not alone.

Or on the other hand, maybe you're all into the visualizations and affirmations and wondering why it hasn't come yet.  

Underneath all manifestations, a worthiness within is required. 

Manifestations are a result of you believing you are worthy of receiving them.


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Individuals share their experience of Soul Medicine work

Jul 03, 2019

 Thinking about joining our Mastermind Sisterhood?!  These beautiful ladies share about their fears, experience and who they have become because of this work. Enjoy! 

Apply to join us here! 






If you're ready to see if Soul Medicine is a good fit for you, fill out this application and we'll hop on a call.  

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Soul Medicine Show featuring Fia Forsstrom

Jan 16, 2019



Fia Forsstrom is an international singer and song-writer.  Her music moves your soul and brings your heart front and center! She shares with us in this episode what it was like as an artist wanting to get her music out in the world.  She speaks about the sacrifices she made, the dedication she had to have and the miracles she experienced along the way to now being able to be on tour with sold-out shows! 



2:24 Can you recall...

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Nikki Jade's TEDx Talk on Body-Mind Mapping

Apr 05, 2018

Enjoy this powerful story of how Body-Mind Mapping came into Nikki Jade's life and helped her heal the 'lifelong' Celiac Disease that the doctors diagnosed her with. 


She shares how to tool came into the world through her mentor and the miracles it has helped create. 



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Complimentary Clarity Call

Oct 18, 2017

Beautiful Soul!!!

You are not alone, even though at times I know it may feel like it.  We are here to support you and help you transition through what is unfolding so you can fully step into who you are becoming...

These Clarity Calls are powerful, Spirit guided and in service to you stepping into your power & purpose.

You can clearly see that third eye activation happens!! ;)


We love you!! If you want to grab your...

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Become Love

Aug 18, 2017

I was teaching the women in WEALTHY, SMART, SEXY Mastermind that underneath everything they are doing, it is my intention that they BECOME love.

Because love always knows the way and the answers to your questions.  It always comes back to Love - love always wins. 


The 'trying' will quickly fade.... no more trying but now you are in a state of BEing the love, BEing the forgiveness...


You merge so deeply with your Best Self that your world starts to become very...

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8 Strategies for a Successful Relationship

Aug 18, 2017

Wow!! Being in a COMMITTED Relationship will help you learn a lot about yourself and your partner if you don't allow yourself to run away when things get challenging, provoking and rage-filled.

Aren't relationships beautiful at triggering our biggest stuff?!

I am SO grateful I never ran away whenever things got challenging in my relationship with Maveryck. 

It's incredible how 9 years later, I love him more than ever before!  

Enjoy (and implement) these powerful 8 strategies I've...

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