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Welcome to Soul Medicine!!!

We are so excited you are here and we hope you are ready to receive some healing and invigorating Medicine for your Beautiful Soul so you can be free to live your fullest expression.

Nikki Jade is the Medicine Woman behind Soul Medicine.  She has been guiding her clients through healing for over a decade and a half by helping them get to the subconscious root cause and release any BS (Belief Systems) that were keeping them stuck in unwanted repeating patterns, pain and toxic environments.

Nikki Jade has been called the 'Modern Day Louis Hay' as she uses the messages of the body to help one heal their life.  She is known for her mama bear unconditional love, wisdom and powerful, yet fun approach to deep healing and transforming one's life right before their eyes.

She has healed herself of a 'lifelong' intestinal disease (Celiac Disease) and created a life on her terms, doing what she loves every day.

She has shared inspirational messages of wisdom on stages around the world including her TEDx talk.

Women from all over the world are having massive breakthroughs and shifts by going through Nikki Jade's signature healing program, SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY.



Be sure to join us in the SOUL MEDICINE SISTERHOOD private FB group where we get to connect on a deeper level because we're all in this together.

Nikki Jade lives with her family in SoCal when they're not traveling the world spreading love.

We love you so much and believe you are magnificent!!!!

Nikki Jade and the Soul Medicine Team


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