It's ON like white on rice!  Congratulations on choosing to walk a courageous path of healing anything that is preventing you from ABSOLUTELY LOVING your life!


It's time you know this in every cell of your body!

If you're ready to honestly investigation what's subconsciously sabotaging your success, then you're in the right place!

When you give yourself permission to chase your wildest dreams, discover who you are on a Soul level and create more love in your life, your experience of life changes forever - for the better.

This journey is about unlearning who you think you are so you can remember how powerful, Divine and magical you truly are.

I believe in you! And when you believe in you - miracles happen, joy bubbles and hidden dreams come forward - and life gets juicy fun!!!


Loving you,

Nikki Jade

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?!

Woot woot!! By being on this page, you are currently giving messages to the universe that you are ready for deep & lasting change in your life.


(8-week online program)

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"I’ve had so many breakthroughs! I feel so much more in touch with who I really am. Priceless experience!!!"


"I’ve transformed and have come more into my gifts, my essence and feel so much more love, connected to life and my joy!"

Singer & Songwriter

"My relationship with my parents has completely shifted just after week 1 of SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY! I am so grateful that I choose to do this deep work with Nikki Jade."

Mary Ellen

What if you did this work and you only...


  • healed your health, would it be worth it?

  • created a new relationship with a family member you previously didn't get along with, would it be worth it?

  • met your soulmate, would it be worth it?

  • discovered what you soul's purpose is, would it be worth it?

  • met your best friend who becomes a lifer, would it be worth it?

  • experienced empowerment on an embodied level that radiates, would it be worth it?


If you said yes to any of these, continue to the next section and we'll see you on the inside!

Happy People Sharing their Experience of doing the Inner Work!


SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY is here to help you transform Your Life from the inside out!

Receive 8 life-changing weeks of step-by-step guided transformation

This experience has been curated for your Soul to experience Divine Medicine like never before. 

You can expect to feel deep Healing, Compassion and Love on an Embodied level.

Each week you will receive a life-changing lesson you can listen to from anywhere on your smartphone.  You will get homeplay to practice throughout the week.

The 8 Steps of The M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. Process is a lifestyle for you to live in order to have a joyful, purpose-driven and abundant life.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with your Soul siStars who are also on this transformational journey with you.  You will be encouraged to find an accountability partner inside the group to check in with one another throughout the 8-week journey.

You will also have this space to post your homeplay, ask questions and receive coaching from Nikki Jade and her top coach during your journey.


Connect with like-minded and like-hearted souls virtually until you meet at the SOUL MEDICINE RETREAT if you choose to join us for one of them where magic, laughter and miracles are present! Woowhoo!!


(online program)

Get access today and get started doing the deep inner work of transforming your life to a life you absolutely love! Get started on SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY today for $1,997.


"Working with Nikki Jade was life-altering! I got answers to questions I’ve been asking my whole life."

Life Coach

"SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY was the greatest gift I could have given myself. I am so grateful I said YES to myself!"

A Badass

"I've completely transformed into a different person. Words cannot describe what Nikki Jade and SOUL MEDICINE JOURNEY gives you!"

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